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Bronchoconstriction during alveolar hypocapnia and systemic hypercapnia in dogs with a cardiopulmonary bypass.

Respir Physiol Neurobiol. Epub Oct IF: 2. Linking lung function and inflammatory responses in ventilator-induced lung injury.

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Airway resistance: synonyms, surrogates, and precision. Emergent behavior of regional heterogeneity in the lung and its effects on respiratory impedance. J Appl Physiol.

The clinical and health economic value of clinical laboratory ...

Epub Feb 3. Jason H. Bates, Charles G. Comprehensive Physiology accepted 8 Dec, Csupor D. Long-term efficacy and safety of cyclosporine as a rescue therapy in diabetic foot journal conference, steroid-refractory severe ulcerative colitis: switching to infliximab is more effective than treating with concomitant immunomodulators.

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J Clin Gastroenterol. Does the endoscopic appearance of the ileocecal valve suggest the severity of Crohn's disease in the terminal ileum?

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J Crohns Colitis. Epub Sep 3.

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Frequency and predictors of loss of response to biological therapy in Crohn's disease after one-year treatment period. Orv Hetil.

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Diabetic foot journal conference "gray zone" in organized mammography screening: histocytological correlations. Risk factors for colectomy in ulcerative colitis patients with severe flare-up: some of the few things comparable between the US and Central Europe. Inflamm Bowel Dis. IF: 4. Prevention of bronchial hyperreactivity in a rat model of precapillary pulmonary hypertension.

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Respir Res. Acute hemorrhagic shock decreases airway resistance in anesthetized rat. J Appl Physiol Pathol Oncol Res. Boda K. Egyezés mérése Bland-Altman módszerrel ismételt mérések esetén: tonometriás vizsgálat szimultán méréseinek összehasonlítása.

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Magyar Biometriai, Biomatematikai és Bioinformatikai Konferencia, Orvostanhallgatók új szemlélet? Investigation of risk factors of respiratory complications in paediatric anaesthesia.

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Az SPSS alkalmazásának tapasztalatai orvos- és gyógyszerészhallgatók biostatisztika oktatásában. Altatás során fellép? Some experiences using multivariate modeling methods en paediatric aneasthesia.

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The open chest condition provides improved gas exchange and respiratory mechanics in cardiac surgery patients. Sevoflurane diminishes lung function deterioration caused by cardiopulmonary bypass.

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Potential of dopamine to treat respiratory adverse events after cardiopulmonary bypass. Effects of chronic allergen exposure on the airway hyperreactivity in sensitized rats. Eur Respir J Vol 38, Suppl 55, s, Zosky, Kathryn A. Ramsey, Luke J. Berry, Alexander N. Larcombe, Peter D. Care Med. Margit V. Jozsef Tolnai, Margit V.

Karsai J. Study of modwls with discrete effects 7th Internat.

Genome-wide association studies have succeeded in detecting novel common variants which associate with complex diseases. As a result of the fast changes in next generation sequencing technology, a large number of sequencing data are generated, which offers great opportunities to identify rare variants that could explain a larger proportion of missing heritability.

Impulsive effects in real phenomena Conference on dynamic geometry Novi Sad, Oct. Prevention of adverse pulmonary consequences of myocardial ischaemia in rats. K-edge subtraction KES synchrotron imaging allows quantitative measurement of regional aerosol deposition, lung ventilation and airway morphology in rabbit.

Nagy, M. Magyar, K. Hajdu, K. Hernadi, E. Horvath, A. Magrez, K. Nagy, Gy. Varo, L.

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